A Poem.

Poem by Shazia K. Farook

Behind the screen of insta this and insta that
Not seeing the erosion of basic healthy interaction

In real life
There is no filter, no crop, no edit
Just love yourself, i mean like yourself, can you pin it? 
Photo me, photo you, yeah you know just what to do.
Used to be a game where you run and touch the person ahead of you and that was your
Instant connection. 

But now it’s just virtual interaction.
Personal disconnection. 

When I was young our imaginations ran wild as we ran across the grass, in the bushes, in the alleys, climbing the walls

Now we don’t climb those walls;
We build firewalls.

Some of us need to go back to the time we used to talk it out in real life
And walk it out in real life
And don’t make it out to be an unreal life

The digital screen can be a jail sometimes 
Make you fail sometimes
Cause you to derail at times

We’re not perfect, none of us
But delusion can have its way with us.

So to those who are hiding and forgetting their natural state
Go out, breathe deep, let’s all reinvigorate.


This is Appalling…UCI campus reeks of racism- See Black Student Union Statement

I just came upon this Black Student Union Statement from the University of California Irvine, Campus. What they describe is disgusting, backwards, and inhuman. Let’s get some attention to this matter. We have one point of justice in hand with the UCs passing resolutions to divest from Israel, but now the struggle for justice continues.

Here is the Black Student Union Statement:



New Chapter

Greetings folks! It has been a great while since my last post- mostly because I have been going through some major life changes. I recently got married, and have moved twice in one month. Life is constantly changing and at rapid speeds. I am happily adjusting to married life and slowly but surely getting back into the writing grind. I will be posting a few recent projects, and hope to get everyone updated soon. Thanks for reading!

Transcript for Islam in the Age of New Media is now available!

Yes folks, the transcript from the 60-minute conference on Islam in the Age of New Media is now available. Here is my bit from the conference.

Also, food for thought: Host and curator Amir Ahmad Nasr describes the project as such:

“Now, for the first time ever in human history, that is beginning to radically change. New media—Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, YouTube, and many more online tools—have made publishing and the sharing of content easy and democratized.

As a result, millions of Muslim Internet users today are getting exposed to a huge diversity of ideas and theological opinions on Islam, unlike ever before. Moreover, they have newfound freedoms to speak their minds and spread their ideas hardly with any restrictions at all.”

You can read more from him here: http://www.islamintheageofnewmedia.com/blog/about-the-project/ AND listen to the audio.

Also, it would be beneficial for you to follow this awesome guy on Twitter- @SudaneseThinker.

Shazia Kamal:

My name is Shazia Kamal, and I’m a freelance writer and associate editor at AltMuslimah.com. What I hope and predict for the future of Islam in New media, is the increased participation of women’s voices, taking on creative and interpretive roles and control in the world of media.

Until recently, women were absent in the world of communication. But now, we have this ability to globally write, report, and offer our own perspectives and worldviews.

I think our participation only opened more doors for more women to become involved in this process, enriching the way we chronicle and analyse issues, and giving way to the voices that have a right to a presence, and a platform. And I think that this presence and platform for women is inherent in the religion of Islam. And the power of new media will allow us to better put this ideal into practice, and allow us to embrace the accurate and true tenets of Islam’s teachings.

New piece

Hello Readers,
Grad school and DC activities have kept me busy, but I hope you will enjoy the new piece that is available for you right here. It is about the role of social media in women’s activism, and hopes for the growth of this activism post-Arab Spring.

It was published at Common Ground News Service and AltMuslimah.com
Activism through social media Reaching new heights in women’s rights activism

Looking forward to your thoughts. And as always, thanks for reposting!